Geneva Business School.

12 Commitments.

On an annual basis, each institutional services and programs are assessed using Direct and
Indirect Measures. The various measures are meticulously chosen and implemented. The 12
Commitments, presented as 3 pillars, stem from the GBS Mission. The entire quality assurance cycle allows GBS to “close the loop” by prioritizing and assessing all its primary commitments.
These Commitments, chosen and agreed upon by the GBS Executive Committee, are used as a means of measuring academic excellence over a predetermined period..

Measurement Instruments.

A range of measurement tools is available to assess GBS practices and services.
From an academic point of view, GBS evaluates and adopts methods of setting and measuring our specific Student Learning Outcomes for each program using carefully selected tools and evaluation techniques.

GBS determines which tools to be used and when to implement them for each Commitments:

• Student results
• Satisfaction surveys
• Classroom observations
• External reviews
• Alumni testimonials
• Feedback from Dean
• CRM Analytics
• Social Media comments
• External statistical modules
• Referrals and Recommendations rates

Histórico de cursos de Geneva Business School:

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