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    Curso - Specialized Online Course in Digital Marketing.


    3 months 


    Methods of payment.

    Special grant of up to 20% for international enrollments 
    Consult payment methods for the remaining amount of the course 

    This course integrates digital media into marketing and communications’ strategies. 

    The new digital ecosystem has generated a new type of consumer who is more demanding and more conscious of his/her power vis-à-vis brands.  That’s why traditional marketing and advertising methods no longer serve us well and it is necessary to approach online communications from another perspective. And that change starts at ICEMD. 

    This is an Intensive Course given by currently active digital experts and during which you will learn how to communicate your product or service successfully via internet and new digital media (mobile marketing, geo-location, digital TV, etc.). You will also learn about subjects such as usability, SEO and electronic marketing. 

    With a methodology based on practical learning and real-life applicability, this course will award you a diploma that will allow you to access higher degrees at ICEMD and to fine-tune your training in a personalized fashion. 

    Do you want to be a Digital Marketing expert?.

    • You will learn how to create and set up a Digital Marketing Plan 
    • You will learn how to design a website oriented towards maximizing users’ experience 
    • You will become familiar with fundamental Digital Marketing techniques for incorporation into your marketing strategy 
    • You will become a master in capturing and qualifying clients and then maintaining their loyalty via digital platforms 
    • You will work with real cases from real companies 
    • You will have at your disposal a virtual classroom 24/7 
    Designed for you.

    This course has been conceived for professionals who wish to improve or consolidate their activities within the fields of marketing and media communications: 
    • Those in charge of eMarketing. 
    • Those in charge of Technologies. 
    • Those in charge of Marketing and Communications. 
    • Those in charge of Advertising. 
    • Project Managers, Analysts, programmers. 
    • Those in charge of electronic marketing. 
    • Professionals working in or responsible for business development. 
    • Agency and interactive consulting professionals. 
    • Managers at Small and Mid-sized Companies. 
    Key concepts.
    • Customer Acquisition   
    • Customer Loyalty 
    • Digital Legislation 
    • Digital Marketing Strategy 
    • e-Commerce Strategy 
    • Estrategia Redes Sociales 
    • Mobile Marketing 
    • Plan de Marketing Digital 
    • ROI in Digital Environments  SEM 
    • SEO Social Media Strategy Usability 
    • Web Analitycs 

    Specialized Online Course in Digital Marketing.  

    With this Online Digital Marketing Course, taught by active digital experts, you will learn to successfully manage marketing and communications on new digital media platforms. 

    • Design and creation of a Digital Marketing Plan 
    • Web usability and mobile web 
    • Webinar: Design and creation of a Digital Marketing Plan 
    • Webinar: Web usability and mobile web 
    • Return On Investment Analysis in a Digital Marketing Plan 
    • Webinar: Return On Investment Analysis in a Digital Marketing Plan 
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to optimize the natural positioning of our web in browsers 
    • Webinar: SEO 
    • Web Analytics: How to measure and optimise a website’s critical processes 
    • Webinar: Web Analytics 
    • Generating and qualifying leads in Digital Marketing 
    • Strategies to generate loyalty and retain customers online 
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): fundamentals, options and key points of a SEM strategy 
    • Webinar: SEM 
    • The keys to creating an online store 
    • Social Media Strategy: Integrating social networks into our digital media plan 
    • Webinar: Social Media Strategy 
    • Mobile Apps (ENG) 
    • Legal aspects of digital marketing, advertising and content 
    • Webinar: Mobile Marketing and Geolocation 
    Who is the tutor of this course?.

    Borja Anguita Sabio.
    Director General 

    Socio fundador y director general de drygital   Socio fundador de what if comenzo a trabajar como programador en Lander Internet en 1997, posteriormente fue Director de Proyecto en Integra Net Hosting y en febrero de 2002 funda Internet Factory trabajando como Director de Desarrollo e I+D, en diciembre de 2011 comienza a desempeñar funciones de Director General en what if En mayo de 2012, despues de 10 años como Internet Factory la agencia cambia de marca y nace what if, agencia de marketing digital, especializada en desarrollo de soluciones creativas para conectar públicos y marcas en el entorno digital. La metodología de trabajo de what if se articula en equipos combinados de estrategia, creatividad y desarrollo especializados en digital. En 2009 comienza a dar clases en el ICEMD como tutor del curso superior de gestión y producción de proyectos digitales, en 2010 imparte clases como tutor de los cursos superiores de community manager y redes sociales 

    • Customised Customer Care 
    • You will be able to count on some outstanding, specialised practitioners as your teachers
    • Networking is a guarantee 
    • Flexible timetable 
    • Updated educational material 
    • Webinars 
    • Tutorials 
    • Virtual Classroom 
    • Real brand products 
    • Committing to knowledge assessment 
    • Employability
    ICEMD, el Instituto de la Economía Digital de ESIC.

    Líderes en Europa en formación especializada en competencias de la Economía Digital

    El Instituto de la Economía Digital de ESIC (ICEMD) es referencia de la formación especializada en las disciplinas más punteras del nuevo marketing: marketing relacional y gestión de la relación con clientes, marketing digital, e-commerce, nuevas formas de comunicación on y offline, y customer contact center.

    El Instituto nació en 1995 como Instituto de Marketing Directo y Comercio Electrónico, con ESIC y ADIGITAL como cofundadores. Fue pionero en desarrollar los primeros programas de marketing digital y comercio electrónico de nuestro país. Es en ICEMD donde se fraguaron nuevas formas de enseñanza de estas áreas, como la formación de profesionales a profesionales mediante enseñanza práctica, el lanzamiento a gran escala del e-learning, o el uso de Aulas Virtuales desarrolladas a medida. 

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