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    We have two spanish schools located in Cartagena and Bogotá. You can choose to study in both locations

    Our Spanish Courses are carefully structured, classes include the functions of grammar, reading, oral comprehension, written and oral expression (communication) exercises, as well as cultural activities. Some classes
    discuss various aspects of Colombian and Latin American culture and society, students will  be learning the language in the context of our culture.
    Course Characteristics

        * Flexible and homogeneous
        * Courses designed according to the students linguistic needs
        * Following the values of Instituto Cervantes.
        * We offer 4 levels of teaching: beginners, elementary, intermendiate and advanced
        * Teaching methods according to the students profile
        * Use of the latest academic tools such as software and methodologies.
        * Support students in volunteer work

    Timetable and Schedule

    General Spanish courses will start every Monday.

    Students can take classes for as little as one week up to an indefinite period of time.

    Class Structure:

    The daily schedule consists of 4 hours of class, with a brief break in the middle of each session, for a total of 20 hours of class time each week.

    Study spanish in Colombia with us.

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