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    International Master's in Business Administration (IMBA).

    Limited places


    The International Masters in Business Administration (IMBA) from the UNIR, la Universidad en Internet will train you as a leader in business management and leadership in international environments, with the ability to take strategic decisions in the context of a globalized economy and its markets.

    In pursuing the Master’s, you will develop your managerial capabilities for analysing business problems, proposing solutions and implementing them. You will be prepared to lead, to manage change and to be an entrepreneur in an international context.

    The IMBA is a Master’s oriented to graduates and professionals who wish to develop their career in managerial positions with companies that operate in a global market and economy

    Students will acquire knowledge and develop skills to obtain a comprehensive vision of the firm, take strategic decisions, and understand how companies operate in the different international markets.
    • 100% Online university
    • Live online classes
    • Personal tutor
    General information.
    • Credits: 60 ECTS
    • Duration: 1 academic year
    • Language: English
    • Methodology: Distance learning, 100% online
    • Area of knowledge: Social Sciences and Law (Business)
    MBAs at UNIR, la Universidad en Internet have been ranked as the best ones in their area, according to PORTALMBA, MUNDOPOSGRADO, FSO Ranking

    International team of professors from four continents.

    The goal of the UNIR, la Universidad en Internet IMBA is to provide a global vision of the firm so that the student acquires solid knowledge of strategy, accounting and finance, marketing, sales, human resources, operations and technology.

    The UNIR, la Universidad en Internet distance IMBA has the following distinctive characteristics:
    • Official status: An official Master’s degree recognized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA
    • Case method: You will learn through the case method, by analysing and making decisions with real cases from companies that operate in different markets
    • Entrepreneurship: You will learn to develop new business projects in different markets
    • International markets: You will learn to manage businesses that operate in different international environments and will become familiar with companies’ internalization processes.
    • Managerial and negotiation capabilities: You will acquire the skills needed for decision-making and developing projects, as well as for negotiating and for leading work teams.
    • Digital world: You will develop your knowledge in a digital environment, an important factor in creating new business models in today’s firms and companies.
    The Master’s is delivered entirely in English, in a multicultural and international community of students and faculty.

    This official Master’s degree qualifies graduates to enter official PhD programmes and to earn postgraduate-level points for civil service exams and competitions for employment in Public Administration.

    Approved by the University Council 01/06/2012.

    Study Programme.

    1st trimester / ECTS.
    • Cost analysis for decisison-making     3
    • Finance management and international financial instruments     3
    • Marketing management and strategic marketing     3
    • Sales management     3
    • Digital marketing     3
    • Business and international marketing     3
    • Functional and process management     3
    Total: 21

    2nd trimester / ECTS.
    • Strategic Planning, General management and operations management     3
    • Situation analysis     3
    • Strategic management of information     3
    • Information systems for project management     3
    • Management in techonological environments     3
    • Management accounting     3
    • Human resources managem     3
    • Leadership and Negotiation skills     3
    Total: 24

    3rd trimester / ECTS.
    • Corporate quality     2
    • Project management     2
    • Internship*     5
    • Final projectt     6
    Total: 15

    Admissions Requirements

    The admissions requirements for the programme are:

    Admissions Requirements.


    To be accepted into the University Master’s programme in Business Administration, you must hold a University Degree, as specified in Article 7 of RD 39/1997. This requirement follows the admissions criteria established in Article 16 of RD 1393/2007, according to which applicants must:
    • Hold an official Spanish university degree or a degree from another higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that grants access to a Master's degree
    • Hold a qualification obtained outside the EHEA in accordance with foreign educational systems without the need for official recognition of their degrees, having previously confirmed with the University that this qualification accredits a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degree and that it would serve as a means of access to postgraduate study in the country in which it was awarded. Admission through this channel in no case signifies either official recognition of the candidate’s prior qualification or any other recognition than permission to enrol in online Master’s study
    Admission Criteria.

    UNIR, la Universidad en Internet has established the following admissions criteria for the Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).
    • Primary admissions criterion: GPA on academic transcript.
    • Education: priority to holders of higher education degrees in Economics, Business, and Engineering; as well as other areas such as Physics, Mathematics, etc.; followed by industrial engineering, computer science and telecommunications
    • Among applicants with equal qualifications, priority will be given to knowledge of foreign languages
    • Among applicants with equal qualifications, applications will be accepted in order of receipt
    If there are more qualified applicants than places, special weight will be given to:
    • Professional experience in terms of years of experience certified by an official “Working Life Report”.
    • Candidates who have authored and presented or published research at a conference or in a scholarly journal on a topic related to the Master’s programme.
    Recommended profile.

    In addition to the legal requirements listed above, we recommend that prospective students for the IMBA have the following profile
    • An open mind and analytical capability
    • Mastery of the basic mathematical tools for study of and application to finance and economics
    • Good communication and social skills and capability for teamwork
    • Self-discipline
    Admissions process.

    1. When you apply to the Master’s programme, you will receive a phone call from a personal advisor, who will verify that you fulfil the minimum requirements and will advise you about the programme.
    2. Send the completed Application for Admission

    3. Enclose copies of the following documents:

    a. Official Academic Transcript (Personal Academic Transcript)
    b. Current curriculum vitae
    c. Optional: one letter of recommendation

    4. We will review the application and documents. If the review is positive, you will be asked to do an additional interview.

    5. The University will let you know whether you have been accepted into the programme and, if you are admitted, how to formally accept the offer, reserve your place and enrol.

    How to enrol.

    If you have been admitted to the IEMBA, your advisor will
    • Tell you what documents to provide (certified official copies)
    • Send you the enrolment form to be completed, specifying the payment method that best suits your need.
    • See that you receive the passwords to access the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.
    • Help you to begin the Master’s, planning your personalized study programme .
    If you have studied at university or possess professional experience in your field of study, you may apply to receive course credit by requesting an ECTS credit transfer review*. The UNIR, la Universidad en Internet Department of Credit Transfer and Award will make a preliminary assessment of your individual case.
    * For enrolment in official Bachelor’s and graduate degree programmes only.


    The UNIR, la Universidad en Internet method of study is flexible, personalized and effective. It is based on live online classes and a personal tutor to provide you with the best education.

    The UNIR, la Universidad en Internet pedagogy is effective because it is based on an entirely online methodology so that each student can study at his or her own pace:
    • Live online classes: Classes are held every day of the week, with both morning and afternoon schedules so that you can attend class at the time that is best for you.
    • Pre-recorded online classes: If you cannot attend a class, or if you have questions about a class you did attend, you can access recordings of all your classes. Watch classes whenever you wish and as often as you need to.
    • Personal tutor: On your first day, you will be assigned a personal tutor, whom you may contact by phone and email. Your tutor will advise you in your day-to-day work and answer any questions you may have.
    • Virtual Campus: All you need to study at UNIR, la Universidad en Internet is on the campus: classes, professors, classmates, the library, pedagogical resources, schedules, chat, forums and much more.
    • Pedagogical resources: You will have access to various learning resources to supplement your education: complementary readings, outlines with key ideas, self-assessment tests, etc.
    UNIR, la Universidad en Internet also has two departments specifically dedicated to supporting students in their studies:

    The Department of Academic Advising (DOA) helps students with their study programmes, taking into account their work and family circumstances. Its staff help students reconcile work, family and study, and help each student achieve a rhythm of work and study well adapted to his or her personal needs.

    The Special Needs Service (SANNEE) provides support to students with temporary or permanent functional diversity, providing the best solutions for each individual.

    Pedagogical resources.

    Students receive their training from professors and expert professionals from UNIR, la Universidad en Internet. Students are supported by the Technical Advising Service, whose staff will answer their questions about how to succeed in their classes.

    All participants in the programme can communicate with each other from anyplace in the world through chats, debate forums and blogs.

    The contents are supplemented by online dictionaries of terms associated with teaching units and complementary documentation.

    Our platform also permits audio and video downloads.

    Assessment system.

    To determine the level at which the student has achieved the general and specific objectives defined in the Master’s, we must assess the competencies acquired during study

    Learning will be assessed through the grades earned for performance in the following:
    • Continuous assessment (assessment tests, participation/student’s involvement in forums, debates and other collaborative media, and solving practical cases).
    • Final exam (in person) or in-person validation exam
    • Final Master’s Project

    Carlos Estévez.

    Academic Director of IMBA

    Degree in Economics, MSc in Monetary Policy and Public Sector (UCM), Executive MBA (IESE Business School), PhD Candidate in the Business Administration, Accounting and Marketing Program (UCM).

    Trinidad Cortés Puya.

    She holds an Executive-MBA from IESE, a Masters in Cultural Management and a Doctorate in Geography from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.  Since 2002, she has been involved in Higher Education. In 2014, she graduated from the International Faculty Program at IESE..

    Godson A. Tetteh.

    Godson A. Tetteh is Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Master of Science in International Transportation Management from the State University of New York Maritime College, and an American Society of Quality Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He earned these qualifications in the United States of America and is currently a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

    Shih-Fu Liu.

    Shih-fu Liu was born in Taiwan and grew up in Austria. After finishing his BSc in Electronics at Carinthia University of Applied Science, he moved to Copenhagen for his MSc at Technical University of Denmark. His search for knowledge led him to pursue his PhD at Nebrija University. He finished his MBA in Project Management in 2013 and was awarded the PMP certificate in 2014.

    John Schellhase

    Master of Science in Global Affairs from New York University, with a concentration in international development. Master's thesis: "The Politics of Hunger and Private Investment in Agriculture in Ethiopia." Bachelor of Arts double-major in English Literature and Classical Studies from the University of Arkansas, summa cum laude. Certificate in the "Economics of Money and Banking," Barnard College, Columbia University.

    Inés Alegre Tort-martorell.

    Inés Alegre has a Phd in Management by IESE Business School and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC).

    Olaf Zylicz.

    He studied psychology at Catholic Theological Academy (Poland), Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany) and he graduated from International Faculty Program at IESE (Spain).

    César Moreno Pascual.

    Phd. candidate in Economic and Business Sciences from University Pontificia de Comillas_ICADE, Executive MBA ( IESE Business School), Master in Research in Business and Economics(ICADE).

    Nóra Nyir?.

    Doctor in Business Sciences (Marketing and Media specialization) from Corvinus University of Budapest. Participant in Faculty Management Program of IESE Business School. Master in Business Administration specialising in management and marketing communication from Corvinus University of Budapest.

    Borna Jalsenjak

    Doctorate degree from the University of Zagreb. Master in philosophy and religious studies from Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb.

    Profesional job opportunities.

    The UNIR, la Universidad en Internet IMBA enables you to access positions with greater responsibility and to consolidate your job stability and salary. On completing your degree, you will be prepared to be a leader in any international organization and to manage any area of the company: marketing, finance, human resources, quality, production, etc.

    You will be able to work in any country or economic sector.

    The opportunity for entrepreneurship is not limited to young entrepreneurs: large multinationals and new organizations need intrapreneurs on their staff to lead and execute projects that renew the organization’s structure and improve its capability.

    Graduate profile.

    Once you have completed the programme, you will possess advanced solid, practical knowledge in the field of business management and leadership. You will have a comprehensive, global vision of the elements of the company, that is, organization, accounting, finance, marketing, and other essential and parallel issues for successful management. The graduate will be able to make decisions, manage technological change, use computerized tools for business management and strategy, and develop innovation as a competitive weapon.

    Jobs and Internships.

    UNIR, la Universidad en Internet has a Centre for Career Counselling and Employment Information (C.O.I.E.) to help students find jobs and internships. This centre organizes a variety of activities, from for-credit and extracurricular internships to a job and internship portal, and provides career counselling and employment information.

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