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International University Foundation

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International Business School

International University Foundation - Budapest - Hungría

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Teléfono Fijo [Indicativo ciudad + nº]. Ej. 12466666 (Bogotá) / Celular [nº celular sin indicativo]. Ej. 3002822222
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Agustin González
International University Foundation
  • Modalidad de impartición

    International University Foundation es impartido de forma presencial.

  • Número de horas

    El tiempo de estudio es de 1 año (600 horas).

  • Titulación oficial

    Se entrega certificación oficial de estudios.

  • Valoración del Programa

    Este programa de 1 año de duración tiene el objetivo de preparar a los estudiantes para que continúen sus estudios en inglés a nivel universitario. Es recomendado para aquellos que deseen obtener una titulación en inglés por parte de la Universidad de Buckingham. Y una excelente oportunidad para aquellos que deseen mejorar su inglés.

  • Dirigido a

    Dirigido a aquellos estudiantes que deseen mejorar su inglés o prepararse para su posterior estudio universitario.

  • Empleabilidad

    Le ayudará no solo en el ámbito académico sino también será un plus a la hora de conseguir nuevos empleos y postularse a nuevas búsquedas.

International University Foundation - Budapest - Hungría Comentarios sobre International University Foundation - Budapest - Hungría
International University Foundation.

English is the Nr 1 language of our global world. This 1-year programme will definitely boost your English skills with 4-5 classes every weekday in small groups of  10-12 international students.  Get ready for your English studies with us!

The International University Foundation has been running successfully for a decade now at International Business School. Its primary objective is to prepare students for continuing their studies in English at higher education level. It is, therefore, first and foremost recommended for those who eventually wish to obtain an English university degree from the International Business School/The University of Buckingham. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who simply want to improve their English for various purposes.
  • Duration of programme: 2 semesters
  • Starting date: September
  • Campus: Budapest
  • Admission criteria: High School Leaving Certificate
  • Language of tuition: English

The programme includes a total of 600 hours of English lessons per academic year. Students will have in-depth knowledge and practice in the following areas:
  • Business English
  • General English
  • International Issues
  • Current Affairs
  • Skills Development

All the language teachers are highly qualified and have substantial experience in teaching. Students are grouped according to their actual level of English, the levels range from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate. Once they have fulfilled the requirements of the first semester, students continue their studies at the next, higher level of English language.

Besides the language modules, IBS offers the following extra opportunities to the course participants:
  • At the end of the programme, those students whose average score in the Business English subject is at least 65%, may take the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Language Exam free of charge in the school.
  • We provide students with Progress Reports (informing students about their absences, academic achievement etc.) twice during each semester.
  • Also, there are so-called ‘Assembly Sessions’ every other week, where students can meet and exchange views about the course (in the form of short country presentations and various in-and outdoor programmes held according to prior agreement with the students) and can also better familiarize themselves with each other.
  • Those students who achieve passing results (a min. 40% in each English Module) and meet further educational requirements of the programme (their absences do not exceed 20%) receive a Certificate of completion of the course.
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