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Master in Big Data & Analytics

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Florencia Costa

Florencia Costa

Master in Big Data & Analytics

  • Modalidad de impartición
    La metodología de impartición del Máster en Big Data & Analytics es Presencial, en Madrid, España.
  • Número de horas
    El programa se desarrolla en 12 meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    Al finalizar, los egresados obtienen el título de Máster en Big Data & Analytics, emitido por EAE Business School.
  • Valoración del programa
    Los participantes que decidan realizar este Máster tendrán la oportunidad de dominar los fundamentos del Big Data impulsando la innovación; podrán identificar y gestionar las diferentes tipologías de información, y aprenderán a liderar de manera exitosa los proyectos de sus respectivas empresas para dar respuesta a las demandas del panorama empresarial actual.
  • Dirigido a
    El Máster está dirigido a egresados y licenciados en Ciencias de la Computación, Ingeniería en Telecomunicaciones, Estadísticas, Matemáticas, Física, Ingeniería Industrial, y carreras afines.
  • Empleabilidad
    Los alumnos que aprueben y finalicen el Máster estarán capacitados para desempeñarse como big data engineer, big data developer, analista de datos, responsable de infraestructuras big data, consultor externo, entre otros roles inherentes al sector.

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  • Contenido
    Master in Big Data & Analytics.

    Formato: Full time
    Modalidad: On Campus
    Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS
    Idioma: English
    Campus: MAD


    The Master in Big Data & Analytics is a program designed to cover the extensive business demand for data analysis. New technologies are changing the world as we know it. It is becoming smart and filled with information, thanks to social media, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Now, more than ever before, we have the power to access real-time information on all the processes in our company, our customers and even our potential clients. This huge amount of data represents a revolution within companies in terms of its volume, volatility and complexity.

    On the one side, this requires the implementation of Big Data technologies with the capacity to store and view this data, while, on the other, it requires technical profiles specializing in different areas in response to the diverse challenges that this revolution poses. Nowadays, Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics profiles are among those in the greatest demand in a market that cannot meet this demand with the current resources. Within this context, the Master in Big Data & Analytics has been designed to train professionals who can fulfil the demands of companies and institutions at any given time.

    We keep moving forward.
    The need for training is a constant when the world we live in is uncertain. In response to this new reality, we have developed protocols and methodologies that enable our students to continue getting a quality education and developing professionally at our Madrid/Barcelona campuses, in a virtual in-person or Hybrid format, or from anywhere in the world. Our community is committed to ensuring the education, wellbeing and safety of all our members

    The Reasons Why
    To choose the Master in Big Data & Analytics.
    We could give you loads more. We might mention key benefits such as employability, revitalizing your career, enhancing your visibility, and so on. But here is a list of five specific reasons that explain why taking this Master is a safe bet:

    Pioneering Program.
    This is the only program in Spain that enables you to develop technical competence related to Big Data, accredited by our partner UPC, together with the executive skills backed by the credentials of EAE’s methodology.

    International Talent Program.
    If your goal is international professional development, you will gain the maximum visibility among the multinationals that work with EAE through the Employment Workshops and interviews with headhunters and international recruitment consultants.

    EAE Entrepreneur.
    Through our business incubator, we guide, finance and accompany your entrepreneurial ventures. EAE Lab gives you access to the resources and environment required to identify your project’s competitive advantages and develop your business idea.

    Business Networking.
    Meetings with professionals at leading companies and other students, enabling you to expand your network of contacts. In 2018, we organized meetings with executives from companies such as Google, Vodafone, Accenture, Intel, Cepsa, Bacardi and Telefónica, , to name just a few.

    Specialist Software.
    Our Master gives you access to free real-time licences and the opportunity to use Data Warehousing, Analytics and Machine Learning technologies, such as Microsoft and Qlik tools, and languages including SQL and Python.


    New technologies are transforming the world right in front of our eyes. The use of technological devices, social media and the digitization of work processes generate a huge volume of data that, correctly analysed, can be turned into valuable information. Now, we have the opportunity to know more about the processes that take place in our company, as well as about our existing and potential customers.

    Managing the data derived from the use of new technologies has become an extremely useful tool for guaranteeing business success. However, this requires the implementation of Big Data technologies  for storing and visualizing this data. Moreover, it needs the work of specialist technicians capable of managing and interpreting the data effectively.

    Currently, professional profiles in Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics are in the highest demand in a market that is unable to cover the demand and which needs well-trained professionals.

    The Master in Big Data & Analytics is designed from a perspective that encompasses both technology and management, with the aim of equipping you to design and manage Big Data projects and achieve the maximum profitability of mass data processing. The result? You will be able to lead technological projects and make decisions effectively within an extremely dynamic sector, with great professional prospects.



    Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the main technological and business issues within the area of Big Data.


    Gaining insight into the functional and/or technical area of Big Data, by resolving practical case studies that arise in modern companies.


    Developing the technological competences required to become a director in the field of Business Intelligence, without losing sight of the executive and management skills needed to lead teams and projects.


    Gaining a command of the key tools currently used in the Data Analysis and Big Data market.

    Tuition Plan


    Module 1 Business Transformation.

    - Big Data & Analytics from business and industry perspective - 2 ECTS
    - Business performance analytics - 4 ECTS
    - Digital transformation - 4 ECTS
    - Customer analytics - 3 ECTS

    Module 2 Data Analytics & Visualization.

    - Data management - 6 ECTS
    - Data visualization - 4 ECTS

    Module 3 Big Data & Data Science.

    - Big Data technologies & architecture - 8 ECTS
    - Data science & advanced analytics - 8 ECTS

    Module 4 Professional Skills.

    - Leadership in a digital environment - 4 ECTS
    - Conferences by experts - 2 ECTS

    Module 5 TFM.

    - TFM - 15 ECTS

    Module 6 Minor.

    - 10 ECTS

    Choosing EAE enhances your future.
    At EAE, we train professionals with the profiles in the highest demand from companies and the competences required in the employment market. The knowledge and skills you acquire here and now will have a real impact on your professional life. Start imagining this bright future and take a look at some of the professional opportunities that await you with our Master in Big Data & Analytics

    Chief Data Officer (CDO)
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    Big Data Consultant
    Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
    Project Management for BI Projects
    Digital Transformation Manager

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