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Master in Media and Entertainment Management

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - Sede Roma

Master in Media and Entertainment Management - Roma - Italia

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Master in Media and Entertainment Management.

Master - Rome

Start date: 01/2017
Language: english

This master aims to train executives and entrepreneurs (incl. startuppers) able to  operate efficiently in Media & Entertainment (M&E) sectors; the approach is cross-sectoral, in order to exploit the synergies among the different sectors and to be competitive in this newly convergent scenario.

The covered sectors are: Film/TV/Transmedia, Videogames, Publishing, Music, Communication, Web-based Companies, Experience Economy (e.g. museums, thematic parks, events).

The master’s professors work for, or own, leading firms, such as Cinecittà World (one of the main theme parks in Europe), Saatchi & Saatchi (the Italian branch of this multinational of communication) and Ariadne Capital (a vibrant investment firm based in London). They will guide you through an exciting journey, facing real market challenges and working closely with your colleagues. You will finish the course with a project, being a startup initiative, an upgrade for your own business or a proposal for a corporation.


The Master in Media and Entertainment Management is designed for students holding a bachelor’s degree or young professionals willing to boost their careers. The English language requirement is B2.

Business Administration skills or a specific knowledge of the Media & Entertainment industries are not necessary however students that have such know-how may go deeper and dedicate more time to project development.

The sectors where you can operate are:

- Film/TV/Transmedia (e.g. production company, pay-tv operator)
- Videogames (e.g. developer, publisher)
- Publishing (e.g. publisher, online and offline retailer)
- Music (e.g. label, publisher)
- Communication (e.g. agency)
- Web-based companies and ICT (e.g. online retailer, thematic portal)
- Venues (e.g. cinema, museum, thematic park)
- Venture Capitals, public agencies and consulting companies focused on those sectors

As an executive, you can work mainly in the following departments: production, marketing & communication, strategy, finance, business affairs and institutional relations. As your career progresses, you can occupy General Management positions. 

As an entrepreneur/startupper, you can develop and manage your own company, adopting a Business to Consumer (B2C) or a Business to Business (B2B) model, or a combination of both.


The Essentials...

Media & Entertainment introduction.
Definition of the M&E perimeter and how it is related to the perimeter of the Cultural and Creative sectors.
Presentation of the value chain of each sector and elements in common.
Participation of M&E in the economy and its interaction with other industries.

Business model canvas, business plan and pitch building.
How to efficiently use the business model canvas. This dynamic and intuitive tool allows you to compose and structure the following sections: value proposition, consumer categories, key activities and resources, key partners and providers, expenses and incomes. 
Through the canvas you can build the business plan and the pitch (in order to present your project to investors and corporations, or to potential partners).

The Specifics...

Development, production, distribution and consumption.
You need to figure out from the development stage how you will monetise your content in different formats and platforms. 
You will be taught how to develop and produce audiovisual works, videogames, music, books and hybrid contents. 
As a distributor, you will learn how to be relevant playing your intermediary role between the rights-holders and the consumption platforms. 
As a consumption platform, being online or real-life, you will know how to offer a gratifying and cost-effective experience to your end-users. 
In this section we include festivals and markets.

Financial frame.
Fund raising for your projects.
The private sources include business angels, venture capitals and crowd-funding.
Regarding the public sources, we consider the supra-national (e.g. the European Union), national and regional levels, and it includes direct supports (e.g. grants) and indirect supports (e.g. tax credits, tax incentives).

Business affairs.
Commercial agreements between industry operators, presenting different business models (e.g. flat-fee, revenue-share, royalty-based) and the main contractual elements (e.g. period of time, included platforms).
Copyright definition and evolution (from traditional parameters to the fluid Creative Commons universe).

Digital communication.
The basics of communication and in-depth presentation of digital communication. How to plan and deliver “state of the art” communication, using – among others – branded content, social gaming and real-time bidding.

Labs and Final Project...

Our professors will bring you real-market challenges, originated from the companies they work for or from sector’s needs, and they will guide you in the project development process; on a case-by-case basis the students will join a unique team or will form several teams. 
Those projects can be related to several M&E sectors, and priority will be given to innovative and cross-sectoral initiatives. There can be many ideas to be developed, such as a thematic park that wants to combine the real-life experience with the digital one (through your personal device) or a publisher that aims to use the same story and characters to offer different formats, such as a printed comic, a videogame and an itinerant exhibition. 
Some of those projects could attract the interest of corporations or could become startup initiatives.

Final project.
You will develop an elaborated business proposal – starting from an original idea or based on one of the lab projects - on your own or with other students; this proposal can be a startup initiative, an upgrade for your existing business (if you have one), or a proposal for a corporation.

IED - Educatioonal model.

The design matrix takes the form of the four IED Schools: IED Design, IED Fashion , IED Visual Coommunication and IED Management.

Each IED location houses four completely independent schools: what unites them is the common denominator of design culture and shared inspiring principles.
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