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Master in Marketing and Sales - Online

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Master in Marketing and Sales - Online

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Teléfono Fijo [Indicativo ciudad + nº]. Ej. 12466666 (Bogotá) / Celular [nº celular sin indicativo]. Ej. 3002822222
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Analisis de Educaedu

Agustin González
Master in Marketing and Sales
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El modo de enseñanza es online.

  • Número de horas

    El programa dura 12 meses.

  • Titulación oficial

    Se obtiene titulación oficial del centro.

  • Valoración del Programa

    En el Master in Marketing and Communications ofrece al alumno un entrenamiento de excelencia que le permite entender el mercado y los consumidores, a diseñar estrategias de marketing mixtas, elaborar programas de comunicación y promoción. A su vez lo forma con los recursos de las nuevas tecnologías de información e internet, en la creación de sitios web, management de eventos y ventas.

  • Dirigido a

    Va dirigido a graduados universitarios que estén próximos a recibirse y manejen el idioma inglés, en áreas afines al marketing, las comunicaciones y los negocios.

  • Empleabilidad

    Podrás realizar prácticas en compañías internacionales y aspirar a ocupar cargos gerenciales y de jerarquía en diferentes empresas en los sectores de marketing, comunicación y estrategia.

Master in Marketing and Sales - Online Comentarios sobre Master in Marketing and Sales - Online
Master in Marketing and Sales.

With the Master in Marketing & Sales, recognized globally by the Ranking Eduniversal 2019 as one of the best in the world, we offer the key of business excellence to professionals in direct contact with customers, equipping them with the skills required by the market. Throughout the program, professionals are provided with conditions to change. Program participants will participate in an exchange experience and process. 

The typical profiles of this Master are

• New graduates without previous work experience 
• Junior employees positioned in the marketing and sales sector for other sectors 
• Graduates of any background


The current economic environment is evolving rapidly. Globalization, new information technologies and innovative distribution channels are changing the marketing perspective. Companies are increasingly demanding professionals who can drive these changes and turn these opportunities into competitive advantages.

Consumers are becoming more demanding and have access to more information, so they are fully aware of what they want and need. All companies need professionals in their marketing departments who are able to successfully manage the correct combination of the three main elements offered by this Master: solid training and knowledge of marketing, the skills necessary to respond effectively to the current market and to the environment and the ability to achieve existing technologies in competitive advantage. 

Thanks to this master, we offer

1. Multicultural classes: students from over 150 countries.

2. International career services

3. International period - Optional
Option 1: in Barcelona at EAE Business School. (1200 + VAT)
Option 2: in Rome at the Rome Business School (1200 + VAT)
Optional 3: In New York Bootcamp - Innovation and value creation (2500 + VAT).

4. Employment rate of 96%. Some of the companies involved where our students were located: Adecco, AdSala, Amplifon, Brembo, World Food Program, Nova Talent, Bioversity International, Eataly, Groupama Assicurazioni, Radisson Hotel Group, Spot ofminds, Vueling Airlines, Yellow Square, Italconsult Spa , Kelly Services, Dress X Success, Manpower Group, Jaguar and Land Rover, Atrain, Mercer, Tateossian.

5. Real-life experience: company visits and guest speakers from the best companies. 4 Company visits to companies such as: ENEL, PERONI BREWERY, EATALY, FENDI

6. Italian language course: 30 hours

7. Soft Skill Program 

8. Cultural program 

9. Session on research methods for companies

10. Social life 

11. Discussions and Meetups

At the end of this path, you will have the necessary skills for the following topics:  


• Development and implementation of the marketing and sales strategies necessary to achieve the planned objectives. 
• Master the techniques and sources to obtain information and a deeper insight into the creation of a competitive marketing, sales and intelligence information system. 
• Identify opportunities, threats and possibilities for change within the corporate environment, orienting the strategy based on potential sales scenarios. 
• Use of the different policies in the marketing mix.


Get an in-depth overview of the opportunities and risks posed by the new trends that appear every day and adapt the company to the competitive environment that prevails in two ways:

• Develop the skills required to address and improve new needs in different areas of the organization. 
• Direct the implementation of new market and consumer oriented management systems.


Training of marketing and sales professionals who are equipped to: 

• Lead and motivate the working groups in a globalized and multicultural environment. 
• Establish effective relationships between the Marketing and Sales department and the rest of the organization in order to improve the company's value. 
• Analyze the market situation, define the different scenarios, identify the opportunities, develop the most suitable marketing strategy and evaluate the most effective way to implement it. Establish opportunities and define the corporate strategy and how to implement it. Furthermore, at the end of the program, the creation of a MARKETING & Sales PLAN is envisaged, which consists of a group project with the aim of developing a marketing plan that will fulfill a commercial objective of an existing or fictitious company. All teams are led from the initial stage of the project.
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