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Media and Communication Management (B.A.)
Método: Presencial
Tuition fee: e.g. per semester 4,900 € plus 500 € registration fee (for students from EU countries). Starting from 500 € per month with guarantee.
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Media and Communication Management (B.A.) - Stuttgart - Alemania Comentarios sobre Media and Communication Management (B.A.) - Stuttgart - Alemania
Media and Communication Management (B.A.).

Duration of Study : 7 Semester, 1 Semester Abroad
ECTS : 210
Starting : Winter Term
Location : Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin
Tuition fee : e.g. per semester 4,900 € plus 500 € registration fee (for students from EU countries). Starting from 500 € per month with guarantee.
Language : English
Application process : Recognized school leaving certificate, personal interview, submission of complete application documents with work samples where applicable.

Student Advisory Service:

You’re interested in this course but you’re not sure if this programme is the right one for you? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our Student Advisory Service. We’re good listeners and advisors, and we know the industry. We take your questions seriously, focus on your interests, and support you as you develop your individual point of view.

Media Management is international:

"Media management combines analytical and creative thinking. You always need that special idea, but you also need a clear idea of the initial situation and the goals. This isn't for lone wolves. Media managers must lead multi-faceted, often international teams towards innovative solutions. Obviously, your own overseas experience is just as important here as good English skills." Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, Director of Media and Communication Management

Film, TV, Web and even the whole print and advertising market is a global business. Ideas are sold internationally as well as complete film products or brand campaigns. Furthermore major corporations and organisations act and communicate globally. More than ever before the media and communication market needs managers who are familiar with international aspects of media business, media rights and cultural differences.

The MHMK Bachelor’s degree programme in Media and Communication Management will give you the theoretical insights and practical skills you need to be successful in an international media context. Foundation courses in media, communication, and management will provide you with a basic knowledge of four major career-oriented fields:  Brand Management and Advertising , Corporate Communications and PR, Internet Management, TV Management and Broadcasting.
The knowledge you acquire will allow you to work flexibly and efficiently within a changing media landscape. Media managers are active in a wide range of areas. This B.A. degree programme concentrates on developing creativity and management capabilities. Students especially benefit from interaction with other MHMK courses in creative areas: film and television, media and communication design, and journalism. Upon graduation you can embark directly on your chosen career or enroll in a Master’s degree programme.

Learning by doing:

Throughout the programme, you will carry out practical projects, whereby theoretical knowledge is applied to real-life scenarios, usually in cooperation with external businesses and partner companies.


Macromedia cooperates with a large number of renowned companies where you will spend a full semester as an intern under the supervision of your professors. This is a very important part of the programme giving you the opportunity to gain your first practical experience and to start networking with the industry.

How to apply:

Admission to Macromedia University may be granted in line with the Regulations on Qualifications for University Studies (§60 of the Bavarian University Regulations) of the Free State of  Bavaria. Under these regulations, the general school leaving certifi cate (Abitur) or the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) is mandatory. School leaving certificates from outside Bavaria must be officially approved as being equivalent, where necessary.

To apply, please provide us with your recognised school leaving certifi cate, recognised certifi cateof English profi ciency (TOEFL iBT, at least 81 out of 120 points or IELTS, at least 6 out of 9), the Macromedia University application form and letter of motivation. After the assessment of your application, you may be required to pass an  admissions interview.


Information events:

At these events, student advisors, students and professors answer all your questions centred round the media industry, our university, admission and the application process.

Career service:

Offering support for you and your career of choice during and after your studies.

Internship support:

Providing internship contacts and accompanying support all round your internship semester.

International office:

Providing full-service support for your semester abroad.

Personal adivsory service:

If you’re planning your future and studies with us, you likely have many questions.
Our student advisory look forward to talking with you.

Course Overview :

  • Business Administration
  • Management Theory
  • Business Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Media Design & Technologies
  • Writing & the Journalistic Process
  • Foundations of Media Design
  • Print Media Design and Technologies
  • Soft Skills
  • Media & Communication Science
  • Foundations of Media Management
  • Legal Aspects & Scientific Working
  • Brand Management & Advertising
  • Corporate Communications & PR
  • Media Design & Technologies Specific Journalistic Formats
  • Audio & Video Design & Technologies
  • Internet Business
  • Models & Applications
  • Interactive Media Design & Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Media & Communication Science Statistics
  • Scientific Methods
  • Semester abroad
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Financing Media and Communication
  • Project Media Management 1
  • Specialisation
  • International Students’ Project Intercultural Management
  • Cultural Area Studies
  • Practice-oriented modules
  • Brand Management & Advertising
  • Corporate Communications and PR
  • Internet
  • Management
  • TV Management & Broadcasting Project Media Management 2
  • Internet Management
  • TV Management & Broadcasting Project Media Management Integrated Communication and CRM
  • Innovation Management Media and Communication Science Politics and Media
  • Theories of Media and Communication
  • Project Media Management 3
  • Internship and internship report
  • Media and Communication Science International Media Business (E-Learning) Soft Skills Presentation
  • Social Skills
  • Application Training

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Business Administration Strategy & Business Ethics
  • Organisation & Human Recourses
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Students’ Initiatives 2
  • Tutor groups and students’ project
  • Entrepreneurship.
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