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Media Design (B.A.)

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Agustin González

Agustin González

Media Design (B.A.)

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El Media Design (B.A.) es impartido de manera presencial.
  • Número de horas
    El curso se completa en un período que comprende 7 semestres y 1 semestre en el extranjero.
  • Titulación oficial
    El alumno recibirá la correspondiente titulación oficial.
  • Valoración del programa
    En el Media Design (B.A.) el alumno recibirá una educación de calidad en una de las más prestigiosas universidades alemanas en ciencias de la comunicación. Es un programa multidisciplinario que le ofrece las herramientas necesarias para trabajar en el mundo de la comunicación visual, dotándolo de habilidades para poder traducir las emociones en claros mensajes con contenido artístico e imaginativo. Se conjugan el aprendizaje teórico y metodológico con técnicas de producción y manejo de aplicaciones utilizadas en el diseño grafico.
  • Dirigido a
    Dirigido a titulados universitarios y profesionales del mundo de la comunicación, la publicidad y el diseño gráfico, que tengan conocimientos comprobables en el idioma inglés.
  • Empleabilidad
    Usted podrá trabajar en estudios y agencias de diseño gráfico, en medios y agencias de comunicación, tanto en el ámbito local como en el exterior.
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  • Contenido
    Media Design (B.A.).

    Duration of Study: 7 Semester, 1 Semester Abroad.
    ECTS: 210
    Starting: Winter Term
    Location: Berlin
    Language: English
    Application process: Recognized school leaving certificate, personal interview, submission of complete application documents with work samples where applicable.
    Student Advisory Service : For further information about the University, financing and scholarships please contact the Student Advisory Service at your preferred campus. 

    Design creates identity:

    In the digital media world, design involves a broad and exciting array of tasks. The demands faced by designers are complex and at the same time fascinating, since the variety of media and the high volume of information require not only a steady stream of new ideas and creativity, but also clear conceptual thinking and process-led working methods.
    Using cross-media media channels, multi-layered content must be transformed into visual images and stories, in a way that appeals to the emotions of users and recipients and conveys the message clearly. Curiosity, openness and fresh ideas are the hallmarks of a good media designer, as well as artistic creativity and visual imagination. And the willingness to think through all facets of the set task, and to develop conceptual solutions, before beginning the design. Lateral thinking is required, especially in cross-media projects.

    The shape of success:

    The interdisciplinary programme of the Media and Communication Design course gives you the tools to master the whole spectrum of visual communication as an all-rounder with specific subject knowledge.

    Our practical orientation in media design offers you the chance to focus during your studies on whatever interests you the most personally.

    During your studies, theoretical/methodological knowledge is combined with in-depth technical production know-how and practical applications, using real tasks in graphic design. In principle this means that the whole media economy is open to you at the end of your studies. The Media School is not just one of many possible places to learn. Practical exercises, an intensive exchange of ideas with real industry professionals, and authentic teaching projects are as important to us as the teaching of theoretical principles. This is what students really appreciate about Macromedia University.

    Learning by doing:
    Throughout the course, you will carry out practical projects where the theoretical knowledge will be applied to real life scenarios, usually in co-operation with external businesses and partner companies.

    Your benefits at Macromedia University:
    • Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15
    • Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
    • Globally recognised, state-approved degrees, accredited by FIBAA
    • Campuses in Berlin & Munich
    • Authentic, practice-oriented projects
    • Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
    • International students
    • Career perspective in Germany
    • Buddy network for international students
    • Programmes entirely in English
    • Campus locations situated in Germany’s industrial centres
    • International network of Partner Universities.
    How to apply:
    Admission to Macromedia University may be granted in line with the Regulations on Qualifications for University Studies (§60 of the Bavarian University Regulations) of the Free
    State of Bavaria. Under these regulations, the general school leaving certifi cate (Abitur) or the entrance qualifi cation for universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) is mandatory. School leaving certificates from outside Bavaria must be offi cially approved as being equivalent, where necessary. 

    To apply, please provide us with your recognised school leaving certifi cate, recognised certifi cate of English profi ciency (TOEFL iBT, at least 81 out of 120 points or IELTS, at least 6 out of 9), the Macromedia University application form and letter of motivation. After the assessment of your application, you may be required to pass an admissions interview.


    Information events:

    At these events, student advisors, students and professors answer all your questions centred round the media industry, our university, admission and the application process.

    Career service:

    Offering support for you and your career of choice during and after your studies.

    Internship support:

    Providing internship contacts and accompanying support all round your internship semester.

    International office:

    Providing full-service support for your semester abroad.

    Personal adivsory service:

    If you’re planning your future and studies with us, you likely have many questions.
    Our student advisory look forward to talking with you.

    Course Overview (210 ECTS)

    1(30 ECTS):
    • Storyboard and Storytelling
    • Design Principles and Techniques for Print and Audio Visual Media
    • Design Methods
    • Scientific Research
    • Project Management
    2(30 ECTS): 
    • History of Art and Design
    • Advanced Design Principles and Design Theory
    • Information and Communication Design
    • Business English
    • Introduction to Animation and Modelling
    3(30 ECTS):
    • Intercultural Management
    • Business Planning
    • Visual and Motion Design
    • Interactive and Interface Design
    • Semester abroad
    4(30 ECTS): 
    • Information Design
    • Professional project
    • Introduction to Screen and Interface Design
    • Information and Communication Design
    • VFX and Motion Design
    5(30 ECTS):
    • Current Aspects and Issues in Design
    • Advanced Storyboarding and Storytelling
    • Professional project
    • Advanced Interactive and Interface Design
    • Advanced Media Design
    6(30 ECTS):
    • Internship
    • Student project
    • Personal Communication and Soft skills
    7(30 ECTS):
    • Bachelor thesis
    • Advanced Design Studies and Research
    • Design Methods and Models
    • Entrepreneurship
    The semester abroad is in the 3rd or 4th semester.

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