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SAT Preparation Course

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    SAT Preparation Course.

    Tipo de curso:   CURSO
    Modalidad: PRESENCIAL
    Duración:   32

    Fecha de Inicio:  2 de septiembre
    Fecha de fin: 21 de octubre

    The SAT preparation course, develops in the student the competences and abilities that will allow him to become familiar with the methodology and content of the exam to be applied in real time. U-prep has developed an own proper guide that will allow the student to identify the fundamental aspects of the exam and the basic concepts in order to achieve a desired score.

    Additionally, U-prep, within its portfolio, includes a workshop that is mainly focused to teenagers and their empowerment in the construction of their life project.


    Prepare the students in the SAT methodology and the complementary ones developed by U-prep, providing all the necessary tools that will allow a successful exam.

    Content The SAT course is divided into three modules: Math, English and the Essay. 

    Module 1
    Mathematics: Sixteen (16) hours 
    Algebra basics Advanced math concepts Problem solving Practice exercises Mock exams 

    Module 2
    English: Twelve (12) hours 
    Reading Writing Language

    Module 3
    Essay: Four (4) hours 
    Guide to write an essay. 

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