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Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - Sede Milán

Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester - Milán - Italia

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Teléfono Fijo [Indicativo ciudad + nº]. Ej. 12466666 (Bogotá) / Celular [nº celular sin indicativo]. Ej. 3002822222
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Nadia Bacco
Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El curso Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester se imparte de manera presencial, en la sede de IED en Milán.

  • Número de horas

    IED desarrolla su curso en un semestre (quince semanas)

  • Titulación oficial

    Los alumnos que finalizan el curso: Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester reciben una certificación.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El programa capacita al alumno para la elaboración de piezas únicas de joyería diseñadas por él mismo, en base a conocimientos teórico-prácticos brindados durante la cursada.

    De esta manera, egresa con experiencia profesional en el diseño de conceptos, elaboración de colecciones y joyería en general.

  • Dirigido a

    Este curso semestral es ideal para personas interesadas en aprender a diseñar colecciones de piezas de joyeria.

  • Empleabilidad

    Los egresados podrán diseñar su propia línea de joyas, así como diseñar y elaborar piezas para negocios vinculados a la moda y el lujo.

Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester - Milán - Italia Comentarios sobre Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester - Milán - Italia
Fashion Jewelry - Fall Semester .

Semestral Course - Milan.

Start date : September 2017
Duration : 15 weeks
Attendance : full-time
Language : English

The Fashion Jewelry semester is a unique opportunity for students interested in a future in the field to develop the technical skills and knowledge base that are necessary to be a creative and professional success.

The program trains students in project design by focusing on the technical skills and methodologies that are necessary to take an initial concept, study its feasibility and develop a final collection.

Description .

The jewelry designer is an interpreter of “hidden” signs. Their heightened sensitivity to aesthetics and intuition allows them to translate the symbolic language of the body and behavior into tangible objects and shapes. If jewelry is the physical representation of these symbols, then the pieces one chooses to wear reflect one’s individual values. The capacity to recognize symbols and transform them into a concrete aesthetic form is crucial for the jewelry designer.

The semester is focused on theoretical studies as well as practice-based modules on designing and project realization. That reinforces the necessity methodology to design a collection and will offer the practical skills and tools for them to express their creativity and to realize their designs.

Students enrolling in semester programs at the IED have the option to extend to a full “Academic Year / One Year” program by adding an additional semester or they can opt for the Two City Option by enrolling in an additional semester at another IED location offering semester programs. Currently only IED Florence and Milan offer this option.

This semester program is open to current students, graduates and professionals seeking to define or acquire new skills and perspective. IED is able to provide further information regarding course content, facilities and faculty upon request. IED facilitates students spending a semester or academic year abroad by facilitating credit transfer in collaboration with the student’s home institution.

Duration and attendance: 15 weeks full time.

Academic Program .
  •     Art In Fashion
  •     Dressing And Self-decorating Communication
  •     Design Methodology
  •     Designing With Photoshop
  •     Fashion Jewelry Project
  •     Free-hand Drawing
  •     History Of Fashion And Accessories
  •     Jewelry Laboratory
  •     Materials
  •     Rendering Techniques

Working at IED

A staff numbering about 400 people teams with our 1,200 professional practitioner lecturers to ensure that IEDfunctions smoothly in all 11 of its campuses in 7 different cities.
An extensive, dynamic international network has adopted creativity and multicultural awareness as its philosophy
If you want to be part of this community, send us your CV. Our head hunters will contact you as soon as a situation suitable to your profile becomes vacant.

IED teaching methods require that all the schools:

• forge strong bonds with the local production and operation systems in their regions;
• interface with their benchmark sectors;
• evolve depending on the growth standards of their underlying markets and professional situations.
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